Skate Idaho

Southeast Idaho Skatepark Association’s (Skate Idaho) mission is to improve skatepark accessibility throughout Idaho, ensuring every rider has access to a safe, high-quality space to enjoy their sport.

Our Mission

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to building a new public skatepark for our community. This skatepark will provide a safe and controlled environment for people of all ages to skateboard, bike, and engage in recreational activities. It promotes exercise, socialization, and personal growth. Additionally, skateparks have proven to be beneficial to the local economy by attracting visitors and generating tourism dollars. Join us in creating a vibrant space that enhances our community’s well-being and fosters economic growth.

News & Events

Go Skate Day!

Join us on June 21st from 4pm-7pm at Ross Park.

Ross Park Revitalization

We collaborated with the City of Pocatello and generous donors to bring essential repairs and revitalization to the Ross Park Skatepark.

East Idaho News Coverage

We met with Logan Ramsey of East Idaho News.

American Falls Skatepark


Donate to help us fund parks SEISA is asking for your help to raise funds towards skateparks.

Idaho Skateparks Map

Skatepark map by Trucks and Fins